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στις: Μαΐου 16, 2004, 10:28:05 πμ
I can't believe this now
This isn't what I planned
I lived and died now
I just can't understand
With all the love I feel
I could never leave her
No matter what the cost
My souls the price to see her

Oh how I love you
The pain won't go away
Oh when I need you
You're always so far away
I cry for you
Leaving myself to blame
I died for you
I gave up everything

The pain was just to muchWhen I finally saw her
She's happy and in love
In love with my best friend
What makes it hurt so bad
Is that I love them both
And they will never know
For love I sold my soul
 afierwmeno sto pio glyko kai spanio plasma pou gnwrisa kai xerei pws an kai eimaste makrya thn exw mesa sthn kardia mou san ena kalo filo


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